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Demo Videos

Here you’ll find some demo videos.

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Sample of Special Effects

The short video below shows you some of the cool things we can do on your video to get people to watch it. If you can think of it, we can probably do it.

Did I find a Dead Body in the Mountains?

This video shows what I think MAY BE a woman wearing a white blouse up in the mountains crying over a dead body. Tell me what you think. See the original video of the New Mexico Mountains below.

Mavic Pro Climbs a Mountain in New Mexico

In south central New Mexico there are awesome mountains mixed in with the desert. This video shows just a little bit of them. The Mavic went up to 400′ and I still wasn’t as high as the mountains. It’s a beautiful state to explore.

Tom’s Creek or Four Points Bridge – Emmitsburg, Maryland

This iron span, a half-hip Pratt through truss, takes the Four Points-Keysville Road over Toms Creek near Emmitsburg. A subtype of the popular Pratt truss, the half-hip conserved material by eliminating some vertical members.

The 103-foot-long bridge is one of many in the state designed and built around 1876 by the prolific Wrought Iron Bridge Company of Canton, Ohio, one of the largest manufacturers of iron truss bridges in the nineteenth century.

In its heyday the company employed 270 men and had projects in twenty-five states. Four Points Bridge’s ornate name plates and decorative portals are reminiscent of those of the Poffenberger Road Bridge, which may have been built by the same company.

My Grandad’s Farm Destroyed by Crazy People

My Grandad’s Farm was one of the most pristine farms in Frederick County Maryland. It was purchased by some crazy people after his death in 1975. Barn destroyed, silo destroyed, junk everywhere. Overgrowth everywhere, house packed by a hoarder. Sorry Gramps, I was too young to buy it and keep it in the family.

Gladstone RV Park, MI – Shot with my Mavic Pro Platinum

This is a very nice RV park I have been to twice. Normally not as crowded as in this video but it was Memorial Day weekend. Great cell service, very good internet. Run by the city of Gladstone so everything was top notch. It has a wonderful walkway on lake Michigan that I took my little dog on several times a day.

The Day the Mavic Pro Platinum Died

I was coming in for a landing and brushed up against the building. Down she goes. Now it’s off to DJI for repair.
I want to know where Vincent Price was hiding? Laughing at me like that.

Redtail Hawk Destroys my Mavic Pro Platinum

I got my new Mavic Pro Platinum in two days ago. Decided to take it out and film some freshly bailed hay on my uncles farm. This is it’s second flight. I start going flying down this field and see this damn hawk circling my drone, after a minute I though it had taken off. Not so, he dive bombed it and flipped it over and it landed in the pond upside down. I’m glad I had insurance on it.

OakRidge Farms – Emmitsburg, Maryland – Mavic Pro

This is Oakridge Farms, my Uncle’s farm outside of Emmitsburg Maryland. A very nice beef farm with crops in corn, soy beans and more. This video shows some major pieces of the farm but not all of it. Cousin Brian’s house at the end.


Never Purchase an Open Range RV Trailer – Leak City

This is an Open Range RV that is one month old. It is corroded, has leaks, electrics are not working in some outlets and a few other problems. The second Open Range unit I’ve had in 5 months due to the first unit was condemned because of black mold and mildew throughout.

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